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Quality and service

Upass believes that quality is the cornerstone of the brand, all the way through to pursue unremitting efforts and strive for perfection, 
set up after-sales assurance department for providing customers with accurate and fast after-sales service with professional levels.


Pre-sales service

Upass is well prepared with quality and technology for assistance in planning of customer demand and to fulfill the requirements to the maximum extent possible. 


In-sales service

With deep understanding of customer needs, Upass provides the tailor-made service to help customers with purchasing the most appropriate products.


After sales service

As a principle, Upass put the benefit of customers on the first place, implements the butler service for customers and to achieve the double guarantee of both quality and efficiency.

Medal of quality

High tech Enterprises
Executive director of China building waterproofing Association
Low pressure polyethylene strong cross composite membrane is recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai
First prize of excellent scientific and technological achievements in plastic processing
Vice chairman unit of modified plastics professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association
First prize of Technology Progress Award in building waterproof industry
China Architectural waterproofing Innovation Technology Award
Intellectual property management system certification


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Factory address:

East China Plant: No.9-1 Fengyang Road, Shuangfeng Town,Taicang City,Jiangsu Province.

South China Plant: Developmnet Avenue, New Material Industry Zone, Beihu District, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province 


Headquarters address:

No.799 Middle Jiasong Road,Qingpu District,Shanghai.

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